What’s Next...Is Happening Now

Conversation with Cisco's Sam Chon

Technology is transforming the way courts do business and the way they interact with litigants and their judicial partners. With this growing trend, what will the courts of the future look like?  In “What’s Next......Is Happening Now,” Chief Judge Frederick J. Lauten speaks with Sam Chon, from Cisco Systems, about the challenges courts face in purchasing high-tech products and incorporating them in the workplace. After an eye-opening discussion, you’ll find that technology’s potential applications are limitless and the obstacles to its implementation not as difficult for the courts to overcome. 

Sam Chon, a UCLA graduate, began working for Cisco as a systems engineer since 1998 and has been a critical part of  Cisco's Connected Justice initiative.  Sam has utilized his expertise in unified communications to help Courts apply technological solutions in order to bridge time and distance to bring people together. 


In this episode

Frederick J. Lauten

Podcast Moderator

Judge Lauten is currently the Chief Judge for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. He has served as a Judge since 1993.

Sam Chon

Business Development, Cisco Systems

Sam has been with Cisco Systems for 13 years. Through his work with Cisco Connected Justice, Sam has become a National leader in court technology,

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Episode 7

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Run time 28:54